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Hiring creative, responsible, experienced scratch cooks

They say artists have to suffer for their art to be great. We disagree.

Friend That Cooks Personal Chef Service has a dual mission. We have a service that improves the quality of life for both our clients AND our chefs. We don't believe you should have to sacrifice your evenings and weekends to make a career out of cooking. We don't believe in 6-7 day work weeks and 12-16 hour shifts. We don't believe great cooks should spend their career forced to prepare other chef's recipes, use sub-par ingredients or work in high pressure environments that prevent you from leaving your work at the workplace.

If you have a culinary degree (or can demonstrate equivalent knowledge), own a reliable vehicle, have a smart phone and know how to use it, are great with people, and have a huge repertoire of ethnically diverse dishes you can make from scratch without recipes, WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU.

Our personal chefs work mainly weekday hours from 8'ish to 5'ish. Evening and weekend opportunities occasionally arise, are optional, and pay automatic overtime.

Our chefs start part-time at $23/hour plus some benefits, then advance to $24/hour and full benefits when their schedule reaches full time. Most chefs earn several dollars per hour more than their base rate with extra earning opportunities detailed below. They get creative freedom with their food (within the tastes and diet restrictions of their clients). They also have the best work environment in the food service industry.

The primary job of a Friend That Cooks chef is to provide in-home weekly meal prep to our clients. Our client's homes are our job site. Our chefs plan their menus, shop, cook on-site, clean up and stock their refrigerators with a week's worth of creative, delicious, prepared meals to reheat.

To be one of our chefs, you'll need to pass an intensive interview process that includes culinary knowledge and cooking tests. The right candidate will start part time at $23/hour and enjoy the benefits listed below:

  • Automatic raise to $24/hour upon reaching a full schedule (full time)
  • Automatic overtime for parties and cooking lessons (part and full time)
  • $7/hr bonus while training others for those we certify as trainers (part and full time)
  • Pay for optional holiday parties 3x or more hourly rate (part and full time)
  • Yearly raises (part and full time)
  • Twice per year seasonal bonuses (part and full time)
  • Tenure bonuses and raises at 3 and 5 year marks (part and full time)
  • Frequent contests and bonus prizes (part and full time)
  • Occasional tips (part and full time)
  • Earn 7% of every hour worked for unrestricted flex pay for holidays, sick and personal days (part and full time)
  • Three additional paid holidays per year (part and full time)
  • 401k with company contribution (part and full time)
  • Company profit sharing via 401k match for 401k participants (part and full time)
  • Heavily subsidized health, dental and vision insurance currently at $30/$80/$130 per month employee cost for Silver/Gold/Platinum plan (full time)
  • Paid parental leave (part and full time)
  • Dependent care savings plan (part and full time)
  • Equipment allowance (part and full time)
  • Gas reimbursements (part and full time)
  • Generous referral rewards for referring chefs and clients (part and full time)
  • Free uniforms (part and full time)

We require two weeks of training, possibly requiring travel to another city which we pay for. There is no selling involved on your part. We provide all your clients and you get to focus on what you were born to do, creating and cooking.

To be considered for our position, email us three professional references and your most recent resume:

Applicants who do not follow these application instructions will not be considered for this position.

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