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Personal Chef Questions

All our chefs are required to be certified in food safety, sanitation, and hygiene. It's a basic requirement for most food service jobs already, but compliance by employers is often lacking. We verify that our chefs have up-to-date certifications, educating them on proper food handling and avoidance of pathogens whether they be bacteria, viruses, or anything else.
There are many steps we have always taken to prevent the spread of pathogens, including viruses. Our chefs are required to go through food safety, hygiene, and sanitation training prior to getting hired, though it's been a requirement of them in our industry long before working for us. In addition to basic food safety and sanitation, which has always had the goal of preventing the passing or pathogens, our chefs have increased the use of hand sanitizer prior to entering and after leaving grocery stores and client homes. We are wearing masks inside client homes, and taking whatever precautions individual clients request.

The most important consideration in regards to Covid and safety is how using our service can limit your exposure to other hands and people touching your food and containers. Our service limits the touching of your food and containers to one person. In restaurant delivery or pickup, several cooks might be involved in the preparation of one dish, in addition, you're exposed to whoever touches the food and containers when they're stocked, bagged, given to a delivery person, and from the delivery person themselves. In a meal kit delivery service, you're exposed to whoever in a factory touches your food and packaging, and all the hands that touch the packages along its route to you. Not all those person's hands are going to be certified in food safety and sanitation the way our chefs are. In fact, most of those people won't.

Any source you use for food is going to include some extra touches on the wholesale side. Food has to arrive somehow. But you can greatly limit who touches your food after it arrives at the food distributor or grocery store by using our service. The only way to limit touches more is to shop and cook for yourself, and you will not have the specialized food safety and sanitation training our chefs have. We believe there is no safer way for you to put food on your table than using our service.

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