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Personal Chef Questions

Our chefs will gladly use any recipe you have for them, though they do work faster when using their own. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your tastes and dietary needs.
We create menus tailored specifically to the tastes and dietary needs of our clients. Menus are created at the client’s home, on the day of service so they have as much or little input as they need. We also do an in-depth consultation with every client prior to service to learn how to prepare meals that fit their needs exactly.
One of the most unique aspects of our service is that we do not limit our clients to a set menu like meal kit services or caterers. We only hire chefs who have the culinary skill to develop dishes that fit each of their clients specifically. We do not create menus until we are at our client's homes on the day of service so we can utilize ingredients they already have on hand and accommodate any special requests they have, as well as honor each family's personal tastes and preferences.
We do not make freezer meals. Our meals are meant to be eaten while fresh. Freezing meals damages the quality of ingredients and many fresh ingredients don't survive being frozen, thawed, and heated. Foods that do freeze and heat well are often heavily sauced and unhealthy.
Our meals last for seven days in the refrigerator based on US Food Code standards. Our chefs are also experts at choosing the freshest ingredients to extend the life of the foods we prepare as long as possible. Though all meals are safe to eat for seven days, there are some foods like seafood that the quality diminishes faster than that, so we recommend to our clients to eat those meals in the first few days after service.
We use portion sizes recommended by dietitians. Around 4 oz of cooked protein, ½ cup starch, and 1 full cup of vegetables and fruit per serving. We can adjust them to meet the needs of our clients.
Our chefs can provide you with however much, or little, food you need each week, and you can change it week to week. Our typical family of four has us make enough portions to get them through dinners for 5 to 6 evenings of the week, but we can also provide extra portions for lunches, breakfast, snacks, or whatever our clients need.
We hire only professional chefs. Cooking techniques are universal and can be applied to any cuisine. When a chef of ours does not have experience with one particular cuisine, we research and utilize cookbooks until they become proficient. Because they are all talented, professional chefs, who are well tested before getting hired, we're very confident in their ability to cook all styles of food.
Individual portions are complete meals, in individual sizes. Family-style portions either combines the meat, starch and vegetable for all portions into one container, or puts all the meat in one container for that meal, all the starch in another, and so on.

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