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Cooking lesson party for the Chambers!
/ Jul 19th, 2009 3:34 pm     A+ | a-
I'd like to thank Denise and Rick Chambers, and their friends, for purchasing a cooking party for 8 at the Arthritis Foundation charity auction. I love it when I can cook for a good cause. We arranged for four courses to be prepared right in front of the Chamber's guests. The guests get to enjoy the Chamber's wine and hospitality, while learning to make some fun and easy, delicious dishes. Here's what we did. First course First we made some tomato basil tapenade from some incredibly ripe, locally grown tomatoes Denise found from a farmer with a stand by the roadside. I didn't take a picture of their tapenade, but I do have one from another party. Tomato basil tapenade from fresh, locally grown tomatoes Second course Next, I showed everyone how to prepare a fresh peach vinaigrette dressing from scratch. Tasty salad made with fresh peach vinaigrette, fresh peach slices and ripe local tomato Third course For the main course, I demonstrated how to trim a whole beef tenderloin into filets. Buying whole tenderloins at a wholesale store like Sam's or Costco, then cutting your own steaks can save you more than $10 per pound! They also saw how to make gorgonzola potato hash, seared asparagus, and a balsamic reduction for the steak. Beef tenderloin with fresh herb wet rub, gorgonzola potato hash, seared asparagus and balsamic reduction There was one vegetarian in the group, so we made one meal with no beef, but rather an herb roasted portabello mushroom cap with a seared ripe tomato and basalmic reduction. Herb roasted portabello mushroom cap with seared ripe tomato and balsamic reduction Fourth course For dessert, I show the Chamber's guests how to make crepes from scratch, with a strawberry cream cheese filling and a simple, but delicious, lemon cream sauce. Strawberry cream cheese stuffed homemade crepes with lemon cream sauce Cooking lesson parties in your home are a great alternative to a night out. The cost for the food and the service is no more than you would spend on dinner in a nice restaurant, and you can save money by drinking your own wine! Call Friend that Cooks Home Chef Service to book a cooking party of your own. Make sure to check out our website for a list of all our services, like our weekly meal prep that costs less than half of comparable restaurant food! Brandon O'Dell Friend that Cooks Home Chef Service (913) 660-0790
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