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Fun time at the lake house with Cox Communications!
/ Jul 19th, 2009 2:55 pm     A+ | a-
Robert Brinkley and I had a great time preparing a lake front feast for 24 ppl from Cox Communications at a lake house in Haven, KS on Friday! We prepared king crab legs, filet of beef tenderloin slathered in herb butter, scalloped corn, beef jerky potato salad and a fresh Compari tomato and English cucumber salad for dinner. For appetizers, we made BLT bites (bacon stuffed cherry tomatoes), fresh tomato salsa, and cold smoked salmon pinwheels that were a big hit! Here's a couple pics we'd like to share: These filets were completely covered in a fresh herb butter before getting thrown on the fire.
Filet of beef tenderloin
It seems the crowd already grabbed the big leg pieces, but they missed the sweetest part of the King Crab, the shoulder portion!
King Crab legs
Here's what people look like when they're stuffing themselves full of tenderloin, crab and lots of other great stuff.
First table
Second table
Third table
The most important part of cooking is tasting your food.
Brandons taste test
Robert had a little taste test of his own.
Roberts taste test
We had a great time preparing all this delicious food. If you would like to have a party at your house, or anywhere you can provide us with a kitchen, Friend that Cooks would love to cook up some fantastic fare for you and your friends! We provide service in the Wichita and Kansas City metropolitan areas.
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