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Check out the latest podcast from Startup Hustle featuring our owner, Brandon O'Dell!

"Are you too exhausted after a stressful day at work to cook? In today’s modern busy lifestyle, time is an important factor whether American families are willing to cook and prepare healthy meals or choose pre-prepared foods, fast foods and take-out. 

If you are having the same challenge, then this podcast episode is definitely for you as the Matts engage in a sumptuous conversation with their guest, Brandon O’Dell, CEO and founder of Friend That Cooks. 

Friend That Cooks offers a weekly meal preparation service in which his chefs cook one day per week for a household, creating meals they could reheat any day of the week. For Brandon, they don’t sell food, they sell great service! Learn more about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur by checking out our other episodes on Instagram or Youtube @startuphustlepodcast!"



For more information about our service. Check out our website at
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