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Strawberry Classic
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When I was little, we had a strawberry patch in the backyard.  It wasn’t much to look at, but boy did it produce!  All three of us kids had chores, and mine was often to pick the ripe fruit.  I was all too happy to strut out to the backyard every evening since 
strawberries were my favorite.  More often than not, I would end up with more in my belly than in the big yellow Tupperware bowl.  You remember that bowl, right?  I’m pretty sure everyone had one back then.  My mom still has hers.  That thing just won’t quit! 

Anyway, every time I pick a pack of strawberries (usually overpriced and under ripe) from the grocery store, I can’t help but think back to picking strawberries as a kid.  Several years ago, I hopped on board the U-Pick wagon and spent a few hours at the local U-Pick farm.  Of course, I bought way more than I planned on using.  But it was fun to think of several different uses for my loot.  I mean, a girl can only eat so many fresh berries! 

That was also the year I tried canning for the first time.  Surprisingly, I’d never done that before.  But it really is intimidating.  Thankfully our hiring manager, Karie, gave me some helpful tips for a “quick canning” method she uses.  It’s not ideal for long term storage, and anything prepared this way should stay in the fridge or freezer.  But it works well for things that will be eaten quickly….like jam!  (see technique below)

Recently, Karie and I were talking about strawberry pie- also a favorite childhood memory.  I was shocked when she said she’d never heard of such a thing.  So we spent the next 5 minutes Googling Tippin’s Strawberry Pie pics.  To say she was less than impressed is an understatement.  But I told her she’d just have to try it to understand.  Tippin’s pies practically had a cult following back in the day and I’m proud to say I’d have drunk the proverbial Kool-Aid if it existed. 

So, what will you do with all your self-picked fruits?  Freezing and canning are the obvious choices for preserving.  But what will you do to enjoy them while they are fresh? 
Karie’s Quick Canning Method:
  • Use your favorite recipe for cooked fruits (I used the jam recipe on the back of Ball’s powdered pectin box for my strawberry jam)
  • Cook the fruit according to instructions.
  • While the fruit is cooking, wash your jars in super hot water and set out to air dry.
  • When ready, pour or ladle the hot mixture into the jars, leaving about ½ inch of headspace.  Apply the lid and band.  Quickly turn over the jars onto their lids and allow the jars to cool to room temperature for 24 hours. 
  • Store in the fridge for up to 3 weeks, or freeze up to 1 year (or however long you want because well…it’s in the freezer!)    
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