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Shrimp Burrito Bowl
Weekly Meal Prep / Apr 25th, 2019 8:40 am     A+ | a-

Healthy ✔️
Bold Flavor ✔️
Colorful ✔️
Versatile ✔️

These shrimp burrito bowls hit all the checkpoints! Not to mention, you can eat it as is or transform them into salads, wraps, or burritos! Weekly meal prep made easy by our personal chefs!

The one thing that everyone seems to have in common and will continue to complain about each day, is not having enough time! Not enough time to eat healthy. Not enough time to go to the gym. Not enough time to get a grip on all the tasks throughout your day. All of us have been there. Sometimes the easiest, fastest choice becomes a fat-packed, high calorie drive-thru meal because we don’t have time.

When you prepare meals for the week, it provides you with quality, healthy food options within reach. You won’t have to go out of the way to that fast food place, saving you and your family time and some serious calories.

Eliminate the decision fatigue and get your time back! Let Friend That Cooks Personal Chef Service plan your weekly menu, do your grocery shopping, cook your food, and stock your refrigerator with a weeks’ worth of healthy and delicious meals ready to heat and eat!

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