Chef's Spotlight: Chef Tyler Wicezorek
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Chef's Spotlight: Chef Tyler Wicezorek
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Chef's Spotlight: Chef Tyler Wicezorek

This month's chef's spotlight is dedicated to Tyler Wicezorek. He is a personal chef and Friend in Indianapolis

In his own words. 
In 2006, I graduated Cum Laude from Sullivan University with an Associate's degree in Culinary Arts. When I started I could barely cook a grilled cheese sandwich or scrambled eggs, but I knew I didn't want a normal “desk job”. I also knew I wanted to work with science. I figured at the very least I would never have to worry about going hungry being a chef (I was right!). However, it was a bit different than I expected and a whole lot harder.
Chef Tyler Wicezorek Chef Tyler Wicezorek
Luckily, I made it through school with my raw determination and friends I had made along the way. I've been cooking professionally now for 13 years in kitchens throughout Louisville, including the ones at Churchill downs. Working on the riverboat, The American Queen, cruising the Ohio and Mississippi rivers was definitely my favorite job of the bunch. Before Friend That Cooks, I worked at the steakhouse in Hoosier Park. When I'm not cooking, I'm the Vice President and co-owner of Wizard of Paws Wildlife Education Inc. along with my wife of 5 years. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary that takes in domestic wildlife that can't be released back into the wild. We use them to educate schools and the community about the delicate ecosystem all around us. Currently, we take-in foxes and New Guinea singing dogs, but are looking to expand and care for more animals with the help of donations from the community.
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