Chef's Spotlight: Chef Jacob Gordon Wright

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Chef's Spotlight: Chef Jacob Gordon Wright
/ Mar 30th, 2018 8:47 pm     A+ | a-

Meet our March Chef's Spotlight: Chef Jacob Gordon Wright!

Chef Jacob prepping for a weekly meal prep client.
Chef Jacob Gordon Wright was born and raised in the rural town of Lawson, Missouri, forty miles north of Downtown Kansas City. In high school, his focus was chemistry and playing tuba with no set career goals. After high school, he was introduced to the culinary program at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS. Since day one, he fell in love with the culinary arts and soon realized his passion for preparing really great food. Jacob has always felt strongly that he wanted to experience everything the hospitality industry has to offer. He has worked in many different types of food service operations, from hospitals and hotels to catering and country clubs, absorbing all he can at every location. In fall of 2013, Jacob earned his chef certification through the American Culinary Federation, and two Associate Degrees in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts with an emphasis in dietary management. Creating food is his art, but Jacob wanted to do more for others too. Teaching soon became his next goal. Just over one year ago, Jacob joined the Friend That Cooks family of personal chefs. It has been an incredible stepping stone for him to move from behind the line in restaurants to helping families improve their quality of life and educate them on basic nutrition that the general public lacks. At the end of the day, Jacob does not cook only to fill stomachs and nourish minds; he cooks to bring happiness into everyone's life. Being able to connect with his clients and their families, and to see first-hand how the food he prepares directly improves their lives, is such an important part to loving what he does. When he is not cooking, Jacob enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, wood working and being outdoors. He especially likes foraging and camping in the spring. In the winter months, when he is stuck indoors, he likes playing video games and experimenting with new recipes.
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