Meal prep made easy

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Meal prep made easy
/ Jul 16th, 2016 1:00 pm     A+ | a-
Roasted potato salad meal prep image Roasted potato salad meal prep

Weekly Meal Prep In Your Home

Roasted red potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, yellow cherry tomato and roasted red peppers tossed with minced garlic in a red pepper vinaigrette. If you want meal prep made easy, this is it. Friend That Cooks makes feeding your family easy. Our in-home weekly meal prep service in #Denver #KC #Chicago #Wichita #DesMoines #Omaha #Milwaukee and #StLouis sends a talented personal chef to your home. We come every week for a half day to shop, cook, clean up and stock your refrigerator with a week's worth of healthy, premade meals to reheat.

Our employees make it possible

Meal delivery services have one or two skilled chefs in the kitchen while low waged, under paid cooks actually do the work of preparing your meals. Our personal chef service hires only the most talented cooks. We have an arduous recruiting process that 99% of our applicants don't make it through. We offer benefits others in the food service industry won't. Our chefs get to work weekday schedules, earning automatic overtime if they occasionally choose to work a weekend. It's important to Friend That Cooks to offer our employees a quality of life they can't find other places in the food service industry. We believe it allows us to get the best employees and offer a service no one else can.

Incredible value

The busy families and couples we serve will tell you. There is no easier way to put food on the table than Friend That Cooks weekly meal prep. And no better value in the food service industry. Our service averages half the cost of eating out for a family of four. We even save our families money on groceries. We cook the food they want instead of mass producing dishes for everyone from the same recipe. Call us today to learn about in-home weekly meal prep. Visit our website and see example prices for each of the cities we offer service in.
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