Not everything "bad" for you is "bad for you" |

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Not everything "bad" for you is "bad for you" |
/ Aug 15th, 2012 3:51 pm     A+ | a-
What is "healthy" and "not healthy" isn't always as black and white as we want to make it out to be. More and more, we are finding out that many of the food we have been told are bad for us have health benefits, and may not even have the negative risks that are attributed to them. Recent studies about carbohydrates and Diabetes come to mind. The following link is about research in Italy that claims that daily intake of cocoa, flavanols more specifically, increases cognitive functions in geriatric patients. My rule of thumb has always been "everything in moderation". Too much or too little of most things is bad in my opinion. Read more here on the study... Cocoa may help mild cognitive impairment Friend That Cooks Home Chef Service offers weekly meal prep for busy families, food allergies and dietary restrictions. Visit for more information on getting an affordable personal chef in Kansas City and Wichita
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