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Marinating technique and recipe ¦ Friend That Cooks blog
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Here's how I prefer to marinate meat when I'm cooking for busy families, food allergies and dietary restrictions. I use freezer bags. This allows me to use less marinade, less seasoning and get better coverage of the meat. Marinades that have too much liquid to meat dillute the herbs and spices used in them. Not to mention, they need more salt which could raise the sodium content.
For this marinade, I used 2.5 lbs of sirloin tri-tip with .25 oz chopped fresh rosemary, a little ground thyme, onion powder, salt and ground pepper. The liquid was two parts Worcestershire to one part balsamic vinegar, 1 part low sodium soy sauce. Just enough liquid to wet the meat. I then massage the meat around to distribute the ingredients, partially zip the bag, then squeeze out all the extra air as I roll the bag around the meat and zip the rest of the way. I seared this tri-tip in a little canola oil after marinating for an hour. The longer you marinate, the less salt you should use as the meat will absorb more salt out of the liquids the longer it sits in them.
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